Hw: Fibonacci, Leonardo of Pisa

September 21, 2008

Leonardo Fibonacci was the first to introduce the Hindu- Arabic number system to the West. In his book, “Liber Abaci”, he describes the rule of mathematics, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers. His book also also attested to the thoery of quadratic equations. His problem that led to the intoduction of the Fibonacci number is: How many pairs of rabbit can be produced from that pair in a year if it is supposed that every month each pair bears a new pair which from the second month on become productive? From the problem he discovered the Fibonacci number which is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,……. The formula from the series is F(n)= F (n-1)+F(n-2). From the Fibonacci number he obtain the Golden section, which is taking the ratio of the Fibonacci number. 1/1,2/1,3/2,….


A Rigorous Geometry

September 20, 2008

This week we had went into groups and read a section of the A Rigorous Geometry. The article mentions that mathematics is manmade tools that help us understand our world. We make observations and put it in perspective for understanding. And nothing can remain immense if it can be measured. Geometric scales helps up visualize and conceptualize and give meaning to maps. Perspective is a distortion of reality and an image can imply reality. When you draw three dots, you can image a triangle.

Hw: Hard and Soft

September 14, 2008

For hard object, I chose to draw a cell phone, since we uses it everything and can feel the hardness of the surface.

For soft object, I chose to draw the shape of the mug, since during the process of making the mug, it is soft. Also the curve of the mug it considers soft/smooth.

Experienceing Architecture (Basic Observations)

September 13, 2008

This week, we have went to our previous group and discuss on the article, experiencing architecture. I learned that architecture must be experienced in order to learn about it.  For example the author mention that the children had a better understanding of the church than the tourist; the children uses the wall to play ball, which they are experiencing the hardnest of the wall. I also learned that building should be well planned in order to keep with time as long as it stands. A good architecture is when it is utilized the way architect planned. An object can also be hard and soft at the same time, it is usually base on own preference. For example, during the process of making a cup, it is first soft when made then turns hard.

arch48 week #2

August 31, 2008

This week in class we have discussed our ideas of what architecture is in groups. I’m in group two and we decided to have everyone to throw out a word and combine to make a sentence. In the end, we came up with the sentence “Pink elephants stand out irrationally in a silver sea of concrete.” I thought the sentence is very interesting and at the same time I also questioned myself what does pink elephants have to do with architecture. At that time I wonder is there something that the others see that I don’t. The only thing I can think of from the pink elephant that relates to architecture is blueprint. In the end I figured out the imagery of what the pink elephant gives is what it matters. After all group five did come up with “Architecture is a creative expansion of nothing.” I guess things don’t have to make sense to be what it is.

architecture is… cont.

August 31, 2008

I’m adding to what architecture is since I wrote too little in the last post.

Architecture is full of history.

Architecture is forever changing.

Architecture is a building.

Architecture is manmade.

Architecture is full of thinking.

Architecture is not as easy as it looks.

Architecture is a way to express.

Architecture is a way to show ones creativity.

Architecture is a major.

Architecture is everywhere.


August 22, 2008

 I never thought the word “think” would play such a big role in architecture. I am an imaginer. As a result I assume the process of architecture involves observation, sketching, and making only. But I guess there is a relationship between imagining and thinking, since one thinks then imagine. From what is discuss in class, I think analyze/ research on history and culture does play an important part. When there is more research one can look for improvements and satisfy ones need. I think architecture is a work of art and is a home for all.