This week we have went to the library to watch a film. The Bauhaus was founded by Walter Gropius. I think the building is very interesting, since it is build with glass walls. It is interesting how he borrow the idea of assembly line and builds the building in a year. It is very creative of him to build small balcony in the student housing, so students can easier talk to friends on the balcony or arrange to meet at places. It is also interesting how the building stays in its original way, after so many people try to change it looks. One of the idea was to make it like a nazi symbol and I thought it was interesting and funny at the same time, since the first time they showed the building in plan view, I thought it looked like a Nazi symbol expect it was missing a few lines. Now the building is part school and part museum. The Siza School has four line up building facing river. Some of the building looks like faces; one of them looks like a happy face. I did not like the building very much, since I did not like how the other parts are organize and shape. I did not like the narrow windows, since it makes the inside look very dim. I thought he is very creative with the shape of the building to make lighting effect.


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