This week we had talk about formative ideas and did an exercise. A formative idea is understood to be a concept which a designer can use to influence or give form to a design. For the exercise we used column, plane, cube, half dome, and cylinder to design the building in plan and elevation view. We have worked with structure, form, balance, massing, light, symmetry, and additive and subtractive. I found the exercise to be a little difficult because I have trouble arranging the object in the plan and matching the elevation view.

Homework:Peter Eisenman

One of his old work is HouseVI (Frank Residence). He has created a form of from the intersection of four planes, subsequently manipulating the structures again and again, until coherent spaces began to emerge. The structure of it has a methodical manipulation of a grid.  One of his new work is the University of Phoenix stadium. The basic form of the design takes it cue from a barrel cactus and offers alternating vertical slots with smooth panel.


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