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October 24, 2008

This week we have went into our group and drew the six sides view: a,b,c,d,e,and f on the chalk broad. The drawings are supposed to be abstract drawings of things in our area. My group’s statement is Elevated energy, nature symmetrically standing, since our area is located where there are stairs and plants standing symmetrically and growing tall. After the six drawings, we did a two page drawing of the six views into one in our notebook. Also we added details to the drawing. I thought the assignment is fun, but in the end I learn that we are not actually building the building.



October 12, 2008

This week we have talked about the designs: geometry, rhythm, repetition, direction, vertical, horizontal, and solid/ void. We are supposed to sketch in the box a, b, c, d, e, and f of different view of the building. My group decided to revisit our site to have a close look of what kind of elements we can use to build the building. The elements that are in our site that we can use to build are flowers, rocks, twigs, and branches. Since we have different view, we decided to have each of us to do a sketch of what to build.

Observing the site

October 4, 2008

This week we have talked about the rivers and tides and were assigned to an area to observe the surroundings. The area my group got is near the library where there are stairs to walk down to.  We notice that the temperature is warmer when we walk down the stairs. As we sat down on the stone seats, we notice a nice view. The elements I saw was trees, grass, flowers, and stone. I wonder what kind of building we can create from these.