Rivers and Tides

This week we have watched Andy Goldsworthy’s Rivers and Tides. I find the film to be very interesting. I never though one can create so many beautiful artwork with things in nature. He had build an artwork with thick sticks and when the tides come, the tide carried the sticks away. It is interesting how the sticks slowly come apart as the water carry it farther and farther away. He mentions that he have to shake hand with the place before he starts to work. Also when working with the stones, he said the stones are speaking when it doesn’t fit. Also he mentions nature is what creates things and also takes things away. It is also interesting how he observe the water flow and notice its uniqueness. He used leaves to see the pattern in the water flow. We see that when one end of the leaf is blocked, the other end of the leaf will find its way and continue with the water flow. I think the rivers mean growth, time, and change that flows in nature. It is unpredictable how it flows and does the things it does. The are no real start or end on where the river lies, since all the water are connected. The serpentine represents the flow of life, whereas color and energy flows through all things. Which color is the expression of life.


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